Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Word is Dam-Funk will be releasing a 5 set LP titled TOEACHIZOWN

heres the sampler, the first of 5 being available for 6$ at the Stones Throw Website (LINK)


Monday, July 6, 2009


The 3rd album that I thoroughly enjoyed in 2009 is...

Lee Fields & The Expressions - My World

Lee fields brings it back to Cooley High and he actually was there to prove it.
After somewhat of a hiatus which we will call the 80's, Lee Fields has re-emerged. My favourite cut on this one is Ladies:the admissible ode to cat calling and girl watching, something Montreal Summers can/not humble.

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Honey Dove

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Ladies

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)


Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All

Who's Real, Who's Not ?

Jadakiss - Who's Real (ft. Swizzie + OJ Da Juiceman)


A Lack of Solidarity..

I have learned to channel my negative energy into productivity in times of relative incoherence.

This might sound pointless and over the top but it got me through a week where I was unhappy at times for no apparent reason. :)

And somebody needs to remind me to pay that Visa bill.
I'm not getting that Countach on bad credit...

Megan Fox wants to hear I Love You and I'm not about to make her wait.
After seeing transformers the echoes of the jazz fest sound system made it seem like I was still trapped in the movie. The God of Grape and his sidekick Blueberry Blunt Paper had already exposed my vulnerabilities and I wasn't about to put up a fight against Decepticons let alone public security. Replace Tyrese Gibson with Morris Chesnutt and the movie would have peaked beyond belief, The opening sequence was worth 30 dorra$ atleast. YADDAMEAN

This month i been feeling this old time organist Charles Earland. Word to Cam at Steve's, The Hammond B3 is mean machine. If only Ray Manzarek had joined the darkside, The Doors would have had a fuller sound, but who am I to defecate on The Doors and their UNFUCKWITTABLE catalogue.
Heres some of his work.

Charles Earland - Betty's Theme (Dynamite Brothers Soundtrack 1974)

Charles Earland - I Was Made To Love Her

Charles Earland - Murilley

Like that Ethiopan Chick once said I've Got real Hootspa!
This Blog must go on..And by go on i mean Wordpress and Accolades.
Changes to Follow..