Monday, August 31, 2009


aka Ross Birchard

They call it Wonky, I just call it ZIP ZAP RAP


Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5

off of the upcoming (oct 13th) LP Butter

and yeah that jigga album is somewhere on the internets if you care


DJ Class (BODYMORE) + Pitbull (MIAMI)

The Baltimore Club Music Hybrid and applying it to club rap. If this doesn't blow it up I don't know what will.

Pitbull - Juice Box (produced by DJ Class)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twinz - 1st Round Draft Pick (1995)



g-funk raised me, who did you solid?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

We hit the mall..

..and ball all day

I'm really diving into the latest swag ball frenzy that hip hop has been pushing of late.

Rich Kids Ent. - Wassup

Polo on his body something spiffy in his ear.

Gnarlyyyy@#% :Black Boy White Boy

The real Travis Porter isn't really white but you get the concept..


Fires Reach Athens..Again

Scenes evoking images of similar events in 2007.

I hold stories linked to Greece kind of dear because of the family I've got living inside and on the skirts of the metropolis. Last years riots in Athens put things at a standstill for weeks and the wildfire coupled with constant political distress can't be easy for my cousins and uncles. The Military is now involved and they've got airtankers dropping water all over the place. The one problem is that there is little to no coordination between the military, firefighters or local government. What is most trifling is that I'd bet my last drachma that this is the work of arsonists. Arsonists that are working in tandem with a decade of drought oh would it just rainnnn.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

24k Rap


Sunday, August 16, 2009

GhostDeini The Great

Tony is working on a new R&B album supposedly working around the theme of the Wizard of don't think this latest release is anything but contractual. Just a couple touch-ups on dated tracks.

Ghostface - Run (Remix) ft. Freeway, Lil' Wayne, Rae & Jadakiss

Ghostface - Be Easy (Remix) ft. Ice Cube

Ghostface - Kilo (Remix) ft. Rae & Malice

Friday, August 14, 2009

Somethin' Somethin' Ninety Foe'

Hey look! BIG MIKE was really nice in 1994.

Guys like me have been criticized for having our head stuck in the past or wtv...

I've got scruples son.

Big Mike - Havin' Thangs

Big Mike - Smoke Em & Choke Em

Big Mike - Playa Playa

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nike '09

Mo Williams as FOG RAW

+ Kevin Durant as VELVET HOOP

+ Andre Iguodala as CHIEF BLOCKA

+ Rashard Lewis as ICE-O

+ Directed by Andreas Nilsson

and..a DJ Quik cameo !@!@!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bodymore and Backk..

A couple weeks ago my friend an I embarked on a road trip of sorts in the upper crust of the east-coast. I wanted to share my experiences in scrapbook steeelo but my friend is sitting on the photographical evidence that would make our exploits all that more believable. We endured the trip on ginseng and fast food. When we grew tired of our ipod plug-ins we tuned into local urban radio and made a faultless effort to chit chat. And to be frank, i picked the right duder to pull this trip off with because we didn't clash or anything close to that. So heres to experiences that shaped our livelyhood because we could have just as easily gone to Cancun and figured that much.

Stopping in Baltimore I went to the 2nd Annual My Crew Be Unruly event at the Paradox in Baltimore where i linked up with Larrikin who had initially put me onto club music a year and a half ago. Here is a mix he put together while studying a broad this summer.


1.Build Up||Larrikin
2.Put It Down||DJ R.L.
3.Gimme A Wally||YbE
4.Bang RMX||Nadus
6.Pop Dat Kitty Kat||DJ Spaz
7.Chitty Bang||DJ EF-X
8.Handz Part 1||DJ Ray
9.Bust It Wide Open||DJ Sliim
10.Hit It To The Beat||DJ DOPEKID
11.Hype Shit||DJ MDOT
12.Turn It Up||Larrikin
13.Sets Up||King Tutt
14.Club Hair Weave||pimp1pimpc
15.Maniac Brothers RMX||Krayzie K
16.Buck Dat Nigga||DJ Ace Boogie
17.You Ugly As Shit||Dwizz
18. Seg’s GetEm||DJ Sega
19.Fuck What I Say||Samir&Emon
20. Best Friend||Lil Lucky
21. Go 3||Say-Wut
22. Gon Girl|DJ B-Eazy
24.Crazy Legs||Rod Lee
25.Bad Boys||DJ Sega
26.She Got It Booty Bounce||???
27.Let The Hornz Blow||DJ Phinesse
29. Birthday Theme||Rod Lee
30.Birthday Sex||DJ Sliink&DJ Tray
31. Birthday Song||Rod Lee
32. Monay||Larrikin
33.I Want You Back||Dre Skull
34.Let’s Do This||Rod Lee